Static Control Solutions

Arrowquint is a UK based company who specialise in static control solutions. Our head office and dispatch centre is conveniently located in the centre of the UK in Northamptonshire, and we also have a sales office in Gloucestershire. We are well equipped to service the whole of the UK and make site visits to customers where needed.

We have been the sole UK distributors of static control solutions for German-based Eltex for 40 years and have wide experience in the field of static control. Eltex have been designing and manufacturing static removal and elimination, as well as static charging and discharging systems for over 50 years and also supply ESA and Remoistening systems to a diverse range of industries through their global network of Agents.

Arrowquint and Eltex believe that you are best served Static control by companies which engage in scientific research in the fields of static elimination or nailing and thus have the appropriate skills and expertise to solve your problems. Off the peg products are often inadequate or inappropriate, so the company you trust must also be capable of giving advice, of adapting solutions to suit your situation, and developing your very own custom-made solution.

The range of static control equipment available from Arrowquint allows us to accurately appraise and evaluate the problem and to adopt a flexible and adaptive approach. This ensures that we offer solutions to static problems which are both effective and affordable i.e. the method of static discharge or charging you are offered is based on sound scientific principles and well designed and manufactured equipment. A professional company partnership such that between Arrowquint and Eltex is also able to provide the high level of technical support necessary to ensure that the installed system will work as intended for the whole of its life.

Our sister company, Renmar Plastics Machinery Limited, who are also based from the same address, can supply all your ancillary needs. Renmar have two divisions of the business; ancillary equipment and machinery. For the ancillary side they are the UK distributors for many international manufacturers of ancillary equipment including the mould heaters, loaders, dryers, conveyors, granulators and more. On the machinery side they are the UK agent for the Amut Group with a machinery range featuring extrusion, thermoforming, recycling, wash plants, blown film lines and more.

You can contact Renmar on 0844 6933225 or visit the website here.