Additional Services

Repairs and Cleaning

Our service technicians should be able to repair any of your failing/faulty Eltex equipment in-house, however, should there be any repair that we are not able to do carry out in-house we can arrange for the units to go back to Eltex to be repaired in Germany. We also offer a cleaning service to ensure that nothing is getting in the way of the units performing to its full potential. You can contact us at for more information.

Maintenance Service

Do you have any static control equipment which is not performing at full capacity or requires servicing? Perhaps it has not been used for some time and you want it checked out. Alternatively it has been in constant use for a number of months or years with very little maintenance. Just contact Arrowquint and we will advise you whether it can be done on site, or whether it must be sent to us for service or repair. We always promise:

  • Quick turnaround on all equipment. Just return it to us and we will clean, test and return it to you promptly.
  • Written quotation provided before any work carried out. If any repairs are necessary we will send you a written quotation detailing what repairs are required before going ahead with any work.
  • Long term maintenance contracts. We offer long term contracts to service and/or repair any make of static discharging or charging equipment.

Static Safety Services

If you are a Health and Safety Officer responsible for the safety of plant and personnel for your company, you probably have some issues related to static electricity.

Ask yourself these questions: Do some machine operators complain of static shocks when they work on certain machines or with particular products? Do you get complaints from office staff about "shocks" from light switches, door handles etc? Does your accident book record higher than normal incidences of minor knocks and bruising among certain operators? If the answer to any of these is yes, you probably have a problem related to static electricity. Often, it is not the static charge on a product or location which produces the shock, but the static charge on the person, who gets the shock when they discharge themselves to a grounded point. Static shocks rarely cause injury; the injury is caused by the reflex action from the shock, which causes the recipient who may jump back and knock against something, or even fall onto moving machine parts, thereby suffering a more serious consequential injury.

Static discharges are also well known for their incendiary properties, with a discharge energy as low as 0.3mJ able to create ignition, so it is important to be aware of any potential static problems during safety surveys and risk assessments. The solution to all of these actual or potential problems is simple.

Arrowquint are able to take ownership of your static problems by carrying out a full static survey, advising you of the remedial measures necessary, supplying the necessary equipment and installing it where it is needed.

At Arrowquint, we pride ourselves on our integrity by never recommending unnecessary equipment and reusing any existing equipment where and when appropriate to ensure that you, the customer, always obtains the best possible value from our services.

Call us or Email us now to find out about our Static Safety services. You could start with our comprehensive static audit, which covers all aspects of factory and office environments and includes a detailed written survey report and recommendations as to how potential problems caused by static electricity can be overcome.

Equipment Hire

Do you sometimes get asked to do an occasional job, or handle a certain product on an infrequent basis but find that static problems mean you have trouble in fulfilling the contract on time or within budget? The solution is Arrowquint's specialist hire service, which offers:

  • Flexible rental terms. We can provide a range of static charging and discharging systems for anything from a week up to 2 months to allow you to get the job out the door without the full expensive of buying the system outright.
  • Written quotation on request. Tell us what your problem is and how long you may need equipment for and we will send you a written quotation of the hire costs and conditions.

Our sister company Renmar may also be able to help and specialise in the supply of Ancillary Equipment, Printing, Extrusion & Thermoforming Machines for the Plastics & Packaging Industries.