Lens Cleaning Fixture

Arrowquint introduce new Lens Cleaning Fixture

Arrowquint have recently introduced a new fixture for lens manufacturers to improve de-dusting efficiency prior to coating or film covering.

The fixture is made from stainless steel and uses two ion blowers to remove dust and debris from both sides of the lens simultaneously. The unit can be supplied with either a built in swing plate for single hand operation, or with a foot switch. The new lens cleaner can replace the previously used ion blower pistols, which required each side of the lens to be de-dusted individually. It will work with any of the Eltex ac power supplies (ES31, ES33, ES50, ES51) and is fitted with a flow controller to ensure that the correct airflow is used to clean the lens effectively.

The new lens cleaner is the latest in a number of innovative solutions manufactured and supplied by Arrowquint to improve production efficiency and product quality in a range of industries.

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Lens Cleaning